Getting An Armored Car Protection From A Canadian Company

The Armored Manufacturing is an established armored vehicles and production firm established in the country of Canada. With over 20 years of experience as a dominant leader in the Armored vehicle protection, they offer custom armored luxury sedans for high profile people demanding extra armored protection. The armored car won’t have any impact on the exterior look and only the person buying the armored car will know about the security features of the car. All the sedans are built in a way that all day to day purposes are served and can easily protect you from hand guns, rifles as well as multiple grenades. The armored company only uses advanced armoring technology and precision parts to ensure maximum protection. Luxury and always comfort is always kept in mind when armoring any car.

armored cars


One of the classiest vehicle that they have in their fleet is the Mercedes Maybach s600. The vehicle comes with the entire perimeter protection, reinforced suspensions and bullet proof glass. The vehicle gets a CEN 1063 BR7 armored protection level and has full safety features. Individual who like prestigious cars with a touch of luxury cannot go wrong with this powerful beauty. Another luxury armored car offered by INKAS is Mercedes Benz S-Class. It is another classic sedan with extra armored protection by INKAS. Besides the basic protection, they also help you armor different models in the S class such as Mercedes Benz S550 4Matic, S63 4matic AMG, and S65 4Matic AMG. Like the Maybach, you won’t notice any armoring done on the exterior. The looks and the design of the car undergoes no change and it looks the same as before. Many celebrities and important personalities opt for these kind of vehicles to ensure that they are protected at all times.

You can call the company anytime to inquire about more models offered in their wide fleet. It’s important to get armored protection to be safe on the road. Call now for any inquires and book one for you.

Downtown Car Rentals – Finding the best deals

Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities to travel in north America. Every visitor that comes in to Canada, always makes a trip to this amazing with so much activities to do especially around summer time. Renting a car to travel is one of the best options to travel around and see all the major attractions. Renting a car makes it easier for every visitor to easily zip through the city and enjoy their time without any hassles of using the public transport. Public transit is one of the best in Toronto with easy accessible to major tourist attractions. Downtown Car rentals Toronto is a way better option for any new visitor as simply putting the address in the GPS will take to your favorite tourist attractions. Lets discuss how car rental can make you life easier when coming to Toronto.
toronto downtown

Rental Options

Booking from the airport

Renting a car can be easily in 3 steps. Many people that travel from the airport can easily book their cars by renting at the airport. All major car rentals have their booth and offer some of the best competitive prices. renting a car from the airport makes it easy for the new visitor as car rentals are available in the airport. One thing to bear in mind that booking cars from an airport always comes at a 10-20% higher cost.
downtown toronto car rental

Booking from the city

If you head to the main city via the union Pearson express or the TTC, you can easily book and rent your cars by going to different car rental booths. The city has more options in terms of downtown car rentals Toronto and companies have more options as well. The prices compared to the airport are much cheaper for car rentals and you can also get lucrative deals on some of the most exclusive cars.

Book your car online

car rental downtownBooking a car rental makes it easier for every visitor and also the local resident. You can browse through some of the best deals on major car rental company websites and see the different services they have to offer. For example booking a Toyota Corolla from Avis or booking a car from Advantage is the same if you can get a better price. Booking a car online increases the horizon of the number of options of you have and also you can compare with other companies as well. Researching and investing time in looking for car rental options online can also save you money in the long term. Same cars can have different prices in different car rental companies. You need to assess and see what type of car you are looking for and for the duration you are booking for!
Whether you book your downtown car rental Toronto online or in person, make sure to check all the hidden costs associated so that you are not over paying for a short trip. When you come to Toronto as a visitor, rentals cars are always the best option to travel! So sit back and enjoy and zip through the city in your rental car! Check here for more rental tips and what you should look for when booking a car.

Choosing Toronto Towing Services Company for emergency services

Toronto towing services

You might don’t know when your car’s battery might run out or you get stuck in the middle of the road. Or, your might get involved in an accident and your car have got damaged terribly. Well, unexpected situations can occur at any point of time and it can be a horrible experience.

Fortunately, towing companies with their towing and other emergency assistance can help you to get out of such situations. In Toronto towing services can be very helpful for the people as they provide various kinds of tow trucks for towing vehicles to the nearest gasoline station or to any auto repair shop.

If you ever face any kind of this situation, you know that a towing company can help you out. However, not all towing companies are great. Even though claim to provide best services for the clients, they may not be so. Thus, it is important to find a good Toronto towing services  company who is efficient in their services from



Address: 677 Bay Street, Toronto Ontario, M5J2R8
Phone: 647-770-6320


Heading For a Conference in Stretch Limousine

A conference with business associates, clients or employees needs to be conducted in a peaceful state of mind. If you feel that you are harried or stressed, it is going to affect the conference. That is why it is a good idea to remove all potential worries right from the moment you step out for the meeting. A stretch limo service can enable you to do exactly that.

stretch limo service

The Benefits of Riding in a Limo

There are several benefits that you can gain on renting a limo to take you to the conference. First of all, you will be able to enjoy a high degree of comfort. After all, the limo is going to feature plush upholstery and amenities like climate control systems. As a result, you can lie back and relax instead of enduring a difficult ride.

One of the major headaches of the trip can be removed simply by the presence of the chauffeur.  Driving can be stressful especially if you face roadblocks and traffic snarls on the way. By giving over these responsibilities to the chauffeur, you can lie back and enjoy the comfort of the limo. The chauffeur will also be making sure that you reach the conference on time by choosing alternative and faster routes.

A stretch limo will also feature a range of other amenities such as a bar and entertainment systems. Celebrating after a successful conference becomes much easier as a result.

If you have business associates and clients coming over for the conference, you should hire these limos for them. This will not only help you in simplifying the transportation issues but also ensure that they enjoy the trip. That can surely benefit your business in the long run.

Tips on Hiring a Limo

In order to truly enjoy the benefits that a limo is capable of providing you with, you need to make sure that you have hired the right one. In fact, renting the right limo is essential to having a smooth journey. Here are a few tips that can help you ensure this.

  • Always read the fine print when entering into the agreement with the rental agency. There should not be any hidden costs.
  • The agreement should contain all of the details about the rental. It should clearly mention the pickup location as well as the destination. You must also make sure that the agreement specifies the timings as well as the distance so that you are charged the correct amount.
  • The name of the chauffeur should also be included in the agreement. You do not want any surprises by finding a different chauffeur picking you up on the designated day. If any changes are to be made, you should be made aware of it beforehand.
  • Pay a visit to the limo rental company to check out the fleet of cars. The agency must have limos in reserve. Otherwise, you may end up getting stranded on the day because the limo you hired suffered a fault.

Renting a limo is quite easy these days. On the other hand, you must be ensuring that there are no issues with the rental. Doing so will help you get a comfortable ride to the conference without any hiccups.

Celebrating Your Grand Occasion in a Limousine in Toronto

When you have a special occasion coming up, you will certainly want to make it as memorable as possible. As such, you will be putting in a great deal of effort into deciding on the foods you are going to eat, the dresses that will be worn and the places you will be visiting or having the occasion in. If you are confused as to the last part, you can consider hiring a limo Toronto. A limo can actually be a great way to celebrate a special occasion in a grand manner.


The Affordability of the Rental

Limousines have been typically considered to be associated with the very rich. However, this is no longer the case. It is actually quite possible for you to rent a limo in an affordable manner. There are several categories of limos to suit every budget. You can get anything from a limo with standard features to a swanky limo with incredibly luxurious features.

toronto limos

The Impression of the Limo

In spite of being affordable, the fact remains that limos are extremely impressive. Therefore, you can make a powerful impression on people just by stepping out of a limo. The fascinated looks of the people will certainly be something that you enjoy. Moreover, it will be something that you will remember about the occasion.


The Luxuriousness of the Features

A limo is expected to be luxurious. This luxury can help impart a feeling of grandness to the occasion. You will get several opulent features in a limo such as plush upholstery and a fully stocked bar. You and your guests will be having a great time enjoying together in a comfortable setting.


The Features for Entertainment

If you want the occasion to be enjoyable, you require the proper kind of entertainment. This is made easy when you have a limo. After all, there will several entertainment facilities inside. You can start with the stereo system by playing some music or watch a few videos on the provided television. Additionally, more facilities such as karaoke can be available which can be used for the entertainment of the guests.


The Presence of Chauffeur

One of the best features of a limo is that there is a chauffeur. The chauffeur will certainly be there to drive you around. As such, you can go anywhere you want without worrying about details such as the parking fees. It will be the chauffeur who will be taking care of these responsibilities. Additionally, the chauffeur will ensure that you are driven to the places in a safe manner. Since the chauffeur is taking care of everything, you can simply lie back and enjoy the occasion.


It is quite easy to make the occasion a memorable one when you have rented a limo. All of your worries about the traveling and the entertainment will be taken care of by the limo and chauffeur. All you need to do is ensure that the limo is being rented from a reputed agency.